Please, a laser pointer. How 2004 of you.
— PEGS1 to Warpa Agent

PEGS1 is a main character in in I Am Frankie. He is a flying ovoid, also known as Mr. Kingston's robotic assistant.

He is portrayed by Mark Jacobson.


PEGS1 is Mr. Kingston's robotic assistant who seems to be his second-in-command.


PEGS1 strives to be the best assistant he can be to Kingston. He approaches his tasks with a chipper attitude, and is prone to sucking up to Kingston.

Physical Appearance

PEGS1 is an flying ovoid. His body is all white, except for the green dome atop his "head" and the screen that displays his face. The dome is usually neon green and his face typically displays a friendly smile, but they sometimes change depending on his mood.

Technical Specifications

  • PEGS1 has a small lens to the left side of his facescreen, which projects holographic images in either 2 or 3 dimensions.


  • The exterior shell is composed of titanium, a highly durable metal.
  • PEGS1 is scared of the dark.
  • It was revealed in I am...Remote Controlled, that PEGS1 has FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
  • PEGS1 got a volcano picture mixed up with his vacation picture during a presentation.


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