Michael J. Sanchez is an American actor best known for his role as Night Guard 2 on I Am Frankie.


Michael J. Sanchez is a screen actor, raised in Bronx, New York as he resides in Miami, Florida. Michael has always had the desire to act since the tender age of five. He started pursuing his passion for acting at 23 years old and has fell in love with the craft ever since. Additionally, He played sports and has always loved the athletic profession of baseball, playing it since he was a young child, but when sports didn't quite work out, he left Dominican Republic to move to Miami, in order to further pursue his dreams in acting. He has attended Miami Acting Studio in South Florida to develop his skills and performance, and believes one's strength does not come from winning, in fact, one's struggles develops a person's true strength. He is working towards future projects to enhance his career in the entertainment industry.[1]


I Am Frankie S1
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