I've always been advanced for my age.
— Jenny to Dayton in I am...Heartbroken

Jennifer "Jenny" Gaines is a main character in Nickelodeon drama series, I Am Frankie.

She is portrayed by Sophia Forest.


Jenny is Frankie's younger (and human) sister. She is the biological daughter of Sigourney Gaines and Will Gaines.


Jenny is usually a bit bossy. She also likes to make people do things for her, she also made Frankie do her chores and made Frankie carry her home, as seen in I am...Lost.

Physical Appearance

She has brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a t-shirt, and jeans.


  • Jenny loves secrets and eavesdropping.
  • Jenny is ten years old which was revealed in I am...Not Alone.


Guys, I'm ten. Eavesdropping is my life.
— Jenny to Frankie and Dayton in I am...Not Alone


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