Girls, Frankie Gaines is not a human.
Tammy to Lucia and Makayla

I am...Speechless is the tenth episode in Season 1 of I Am Frankie and the tenth overall. It first aired on September 22, 2017 to 1.33 million viewers.[1]


Frankie must race to get new vocal cords when she loses her voice right before the Brain Squad competition; Tammy makes a startling discovery about Frankie.[2]


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I Am Frankie S1
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  • Andrew asked Frankie to go to the school dance with him. He thought she said yes, as she was giving a thumb to Dayton.
  • When Tammy tried to pull in Frankie's hair, she realized it did not come off, which meant it wasn't a wig. And she then only had one logic explanation left, that Frankie is not a human.
  • Sigourney made Jenny clean the house, as she found out that Jenny were blackmailing Frankie and lying to her about Dayton knowing Frankie's secret.
  • When Sigourney fixed Frankie, she couldn't speak, as her fan had failed, thus melting her synthetic vocal cords.
  • Frankie apologized to Cole for ignoring him using her phone.
  • Dayton knew that Andrew had a crush on Frankie because Andrew had been name calling her nicknames.
  • Byron tried to ask Dayton to go to the dance with him, but instead asked if she wanted to help cleaning his locker.
  • Frankie and Dayton used the school's 3D Printer to make vocal cords.
  • Lucia and Makayla were trying to hide from Tammy about what they found out, but fails to do so because Lucia immediately blurts it all out to Tammy.
  • Cole is the only person that tries out for the Brain Squad team.
  • Robbie is officially a member of the Brain Squad because Lucia and Makayla thinks that he is smart enough to be part of it.
  • Frankie asked Dayton to help her be able to speak again.
  • Dayton asked Frankie whether she wanted to go to the dance with Cole or not.
  • It was that Dayton wanted to go to the school dance with Byron.


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