Oh, no. I am--I am--I am lost.

I am...Lost is the seventh episode in Season 1 of I Am Frankie and the seventh overall. It first aired on September 19, 2017 to 1.22 million viewers.[1]


Jenny continues to blackmail Frankie into doing her chores; Tammy tries to frame Frankie for cheating; Frankie decides to disconnect from the Internet.[2]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Constance Fields as Judge
  • Eric Garduno as Competition Student

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  • Frankie couldn't find the duplicate set of a sock. But later found it.
  • Sigourney thought that something strange was going on.
  • Andrew was sleeping under a desk in a class, to escape math.
  • Andrew overheard Tammy, Lucia and Makayla's conversation while he was under the desk.
  • Frankie could fast forward the clock by connecting to the school's central clock.
  • Dayton and Frankie thought that Robbie's comic was really good. But Dayton became suspicious, as the characters resembled her and Frankie.
  • Robbie's comic had the character that resembled Frankie an android.
  • Robbie's comic has the character that resembled Dayton a human.
  • Jenny took credit of the chores that Frankie did for her.
  • It was revealed Frankie was designed to obey commands.
  • Tammy was going to do Andrew's math homework for one month if he kept his mouth shut about what he heard, however, he didn't accept, as he would do it anyway.
  • Tammy started to develop a crush on Andrew.
  • Tammy asked Andrew to go to this week's Brain Squad's competition. At first, Andrew felt hesitant about it, but when he heard Frankie's name, he immediately wanted to come.
  • Dayton thought that Frankie shouldn't do Jenny's chores.
  • Frankie carried Jenny home.
  • Sigourney told Jenny to do yardwork.
  • As Dayton was studying at the Garage, Cole came by and asked Dayton why Frankie didn't want to talk to him. Dayton told Cole that Frankie's mom was the one that caused Frankie to not want to talk to him.
  • Cole send an email to Sigourney about Frankie.
  • Cole never got to talk to Sigourney in person, because he got detention.
  • Will was jealous that Sigourney got to hang out with Cole.
  • Frankie hugged Andrew for the first time.
  • Andrew apologized to Frankie about the morning incident and Frankie then accepted his apology.
  • Andrew and Cole got detention because they got into an argument.
  • Kitty Corner was the place where detention was being held.
  • Cole didn't want detention because he needed to talk to Sigourney.
  • Tammy was trying to make Frankie cheat by slipping a piece of paper into her pocket, but failed, and got caught herself.
  • Frankie couldn't get home when she disconnected herself from the internet.
  • Sigourney's past androids were built with self-defense mode.
  • Frankie said that Tammy's nickname sounded better than the nickname she got from Andrew.
  • Andrew learns from John that Tammy likes Cole, but Cole likes Frankie and Frankie likes Cole.


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