I want you to get close to her, gain her trust, and when the time is right, you'll destroy her.
Mr. Peters to Android

I am...Heartbroken is the sixth episode in Season 1 of I Am Frankie and the sixth overall. It first aired on September 18, 2017 to 1.14 million viewers.[1]


Sigourney tells Frankie that she must stay away from Cole; James makes plans to destroy Frankie; PEGS1 makes a discovery.[2]


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  • Jenny was the first person to notice that Tammy was trying to sneak into Frankie's room.
  • Tammy tried to sneak into Frankie's room, but Dayton and Jenny stopped her just the right time.
  • Lucia was calling Tammy to see if she was able to sneak into Frankie's room, but Tammy immediately hung up the phone because Jenny and Dayton were standing in front of her.
  • Dayton and Jenny gave Tammy another reason to why she shouldn't go into Frankie's room, besides the molds in. (This was mentioned in I am...Battery Operated).
  • Frankie is "sleepwalking."
  • Tammy was not able to go on Frankie's computer.
  • Frankie had to do all of Jenny's chores for the whole month.
  • Jenny helped keep the secret that Dayton knows Frankie is an android.
  • Frankie's heart got broken when Sigourney told her to stay away from Cole.
  • Frankie immediately left when she saw Cole.
  • Dayton was the only person that knew why she must stay away from Cole.
  • Frankie hid behind Andrew when she saw Cole.
  • Andrew and Robbie were the new students at Sepulvata High.
  • Ms. Hough told Andrew and Robbie that Dayton was going to show them around the school.
  • Robbie was counting his left arm hair as he was waiting for Ms. Hough.
  • Robbie was smelling the trophy case glass when Dayton showed him and Andrew where all of the school's trophies are located at.
  • Dayton introduced Frankie to Andrew and Robbie.
  • Andrew thought that Frankie was a boy name, not a girl name.
  • Mr. Kingston was going to use Dr. Gaines' past androids for his project.
  • Cole was trying to figure out why Frankie ignored him.
  • Tammy thought Sigourney was a control freak and Jenny was bossy.
  • Cole started to feel jealous about Frankie and Andrew being together.
  • Frankie thought that Andrew was annoying.
  • Dayton thinks Robbie is weird.
  • It is revealed by Frankie that Sepulvata High has 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Cole showed a dislike on Andrew, as he didn't want to shake hands with him.
  • Tammy was getting "benched" for the Brain Squad competition.
  • When taking the test that Tammy created for the Brain Squad, the following people had the following score:
  • This was the first time that Frankie met Andrew and Robbie.


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