I am...Eliza - Part 2 is the second episode in Season 2 of I Am Frankie and the twenty-second overall. It is the second episode of the two-parter. It premiered on August 11, 2018 as a sneak peek to 0.90 million viewers and officially on September 11, 2018.


Frankie finally comes face to face with Eliza.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Elgin Aponte as Barista
  • J. Scott Browning as Warpa Tech
  • Tracy Wiu as Sr Warpa Tech
  • Lissa Grossman as Voice Over


I Am Frankie S1
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  • This is the second episode to the two-parter premiere.
  • A Sneak Peek of the episode premiered on August 11, 2018, similar to the Season 1 premiere.
  • Eliza has escape from the Gaines house and someday she will have revenge.
  • Dayton finally tells Frankie that Kingston is her father.