Oh, Frankie... I hope our time together isn't coming to an end.

I am...Disconnected is the eighth episode in Season 1 of I Am Frankie and the eighth overall. It first aired on September 20, 2017 to 1.19 million viewers.[1]


When Frankie is accused of vandalizing the school wall, Dayton sets out to find the real culprit; Kingston hatches another plan to capture Frankie.[2]


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  • Frankie got lost and was unable to get home.
  • Frankie almost got hit by a car.
  • Cole came by and saw Frankie had passed out.
  • Cole followed Frankie home with, even though Frankie didn't want him to do that.
  • Frankie told Sigourney that she disobeyed her because she was with Cole.
  • Jenny revealed the sometimes skip out on biology, to check Snap-snap. It is a reference to SnapChat.
  • Sigourney found it strange that Frankie's internet was disconnected.
  • Frankie was saving math problems and other school subjects onto her system for the Brain Squad Competition.
  • Dayton was helping her putting all of the school subjects' information onto her system.
  • Andrew was teasing Cole about Frankie not liking him, due to Frankie ignoring him.
  • Frankie determined to be a real girl.
  • Tammy became Cole's tutor again.
  • The things that Frankie were studying was written on the paper towel.
  • Dayton was trying to hide from Robbie while helping Frankie.
  • Tammy was trying to talk to Andrew instead of helping Cole with quadratics.
  • James Peters thought that Sigourney has started to love Frankie as a family member.
  • Andrew and Cole didn't get along and almost fought because of Frankie.
  • Frankie put the dishes in the fridge, as Jenny told her to not do her chores too perfectly.
  • Mr. Manhart caught Frankie holding a spray can, while standing in front of a vandalised school locker. 
  • Dayton became suspicious that Robbie may be an android. 
  • It is revealed that Robbie may have a crush on Dayton.
  • Dayton asked Robbie two questions to see if he is an android or not.
  • Robbie asked Dayton if Dayton liked him back.
  • Frankie got "grounded" by Sigourney. As a preprecaution to keep her safe.
  • Frankie wanted Dayton to help her replace her current battery, with the old one, that made her glitch.


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