I hate to say this, but it may be for the best that we don't fix Frankie.

I am... Crashing is the ninth episode in Season 1 of I Am Frankie and the ninth overall. It first aired on September 21, 2017 to 1.10 million viewers.[1]


Frankie malfunctions after she replaces her normal battery with a super battery; Tammy tries to make Cole and Andrew jealous; PEGS1 and Kingston discover a way to lure Frankie to them.[2]


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  • Sigourney Gaines found out that Dayton knew Frankie was an android all along. She also found out that Jenny knew it too.
  • Lucia and Makayla investigated the Robots Rule incident. And found Frankie's hair matched with a piece of hair found at the lockers. However, they discovered it wasn't hair.
  • Frankie Gaines styled her hair for the first time.
  • Frankie Gaines was helping Bethany cut her hair. But while doing, she malfunctioned.
  • Jenny asked Frankie to clean the bathroom. But she didn't do it.
  • Dayton stole Robbie's phone using Byron's robot.
  • It was revealed Robot Rules is also a band.
  • When Frankie Gaines fixed the virus problem that she had, other problems arised in her system, which she ignored.
  • It was revealed Mr. Manhart's room was where the detention (Kitty Corner) is located at.
  • Tammy originally wanted to investigate the incident, but she ended up making Lucia and Makayla do it, because she wanted to make both Andrew and Cole jealous.
  • Cole found it weird that Tammy was not touching his leg and taking selfies as she used to do when tutoring him.
  • John gave Makayla a Popsicle, but then gave it to Lucia. Lucia then decided to share it with Makayla.
  • Lucia told Frankie her hair looked nice. But only did it, because she needed a sample of her hair.
  • Cole is being tutored by Tammy before Andrew does.
  • It was revealed Robbie has the complete albums by Robot Rules.
  • When Frankie malfunctioned, Dayton had no choice but to bring her to Sigourney Gaines.
  • Lucia and Makayla found out that Frankie's hair is not human hair.
  • Frankie can't moved her right hand.
  • Cole got a B+ on his math test because of Tammy.
  • Cole hugged Tammy for the rest time.
  • Sigourney finds out that Dayton knows that Frankie is an android.
  • Dayton explained to Sigourney that she figured it all out and Frankie told Dayton that she was an android.
  • Sigourney thinks that it's better if she don't fix Frankie.


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