Casey is a recurring character in Season 1 of I Am Frankie. He was Sigourney's assistant for the duration of her android development project at EGG.

He is portrayed by JC Casely.


Casey is an easygoing likeable person. During Frankie's temporary presence at EGG, he treats her as a real person, indicating that he's isn't bothered by her artificial nature.

Physical Appearance

He has black hair, brown eyes and a trimmed beard.

Character History

When the decision was made to remove Frankie from EGG for her own safety, Casey put on a wig and clothing similar to Casey's so that the security cameras would continue to observe she appeared to be still in the android lab. In truth, Frankie had disguised herself as Casey and simply walked out of the building.

When Mr. Kingston arrives in the morning to transfer Frankie to Warpa's secret research division, he is extremely surprised to discover Casey imitating Frankie.

After handing over a note from Sigourney with the words "I quit", Casey gives a thumbs up gesture and leaves the lab.


  • He used to work at EGG as an assistant.
  • He treats Frankie as a real person even though she is an android.
  • He was involved with the android project for a long time, even having personally witnessed Eliza, an android who has an evil agenda in her system.


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