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I Am Frankie - Discussion on Characters

Since Andrew is revealed to be an android, many of the shows with 20 episodes, and are shot in a different style than multi-camera, have a similarity to other shows on Nickelodeon, like Every Witch Way, W.I.T.S. Academy & Talia in the Kitchen. I Am Frankie is one of them but in my opinion is the best out of all of these.

I really like how Tammy and her squad is not a dumb bunch of mean girls like EWW. This series is actually really good, and I think this is a really good series since Make It Pop or Every Witch Way (TITK too, but no S2!)

I also really like the casting. Alex Hook is an amazing person to portray Frankie and Carson Rowland and Kyrson Facer are great love interests to be cast in. Even Frankie's bff Dayton (Nicole Alyse Nelson) she is amazing at her acting and is not annoying!

Anyways, this post is on the characters, and their similarity with one another.

IAF - Frankie Gaines
EWW - Emma Alonso
TIK - Talia Parra
WITS - Andi Cruz

Mean girl Antagonist:
IAF - Tammy
EWW - Maddie
TIK - Debbie (I call her Paris Hilton)
WITS - Ruby

Guy antagonist (can be more than one):

IAF - James Peters, Mr. Kingston
EWW - too many.
TIK - Frenchie, Michael
WITS - Malos Manos, gatekeeper guy at the end of S1

Nice boy love interest (soo cute):

IAF - Cole Reyes
EWW - Daniel Miller
TIK - Tyson Fuccinelli
WITS - not really but Luke Archer

Bad boy love interest (also really cute):

IAF - Andrew LaPierre
EWW - Jax Novoa
TIK - Jayden Grubb

I think that's it? If you got anymore, please discuss them below. What were your thoughts on the characters?
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